How To Tell When A Septic Tank Should Be Pumped

Are your plumbing fixtures connected to a septic tank system and won't drain as fast as they should? You are likely only dealing with a full septic tank that is in need of being pumped out, especially if the task hasn't been done in a long time. Browse the list below to find out about a few of the things that can happen when a septic tank is too full. [Read More]

Risks Associated With Propane And How To Safely Use It Within Your Home

When many people think of propane, they may think of gas leaks and explosions. While these are very real dangers when it comes to handling propane (or any gas for that matter), there are steps that can be taken to decrease these risks and make propane a great source of fuel for your home. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Causes Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when propane isn't able to properly combust or there is a gas leak. [Read More]