How To Tell When A Septic Tank Should Be Pumped

Are your plumbing fixtures connected to a septic tank system and won't drain as fast as they should? You are likely only dealing with a full septic tank that is in need of being pumped out, especially if the task hasn't been done in a long time. Browse the list below to find out about a few of the things that can happen when a septic tank is too full.

Unexplained Puddles in Your Grass

If you have noticed puddles of water in your lawn and have no clue where they came from, it might be due to the septic tank being full. The puddles will be located in the area of the ground where the drain field lines to the septic system were installed. Basically, the drain field lines are designed for evenly distributing wastewater throughout the soil as it leaves the septic tank. However, a full tank can lead to the lines become clogged up and wastewater accumulating in a single area instead of evenly flowing. The accumulated wastewater then rises to the surface of the soil and creates puddles in the grass.

The Odor of Human Waste Around Your House

When a septic tank is full, it can cause the odor of human waste to linger around your house. You might notice the odor on both the exterior and interior of the house. The exterior odor can usually be found near the septic tank, as well as in the ground where the drain field lines are installed. The interior odor will often stem from waste being trapped inside of plumbing lines that are under sinks. The odor inside of a house can also be caused from sewage actually leaking out of the pipes, which is hazardous to your health and needs a prompt repair.

Water On the Floor Around Toilets

If you constantly have to mop up water around the toilets in your house, the septic tank might need to be pumped out. Too much pressure from accumulated waste in the plumbing lines is what might be causing the water to leak out of toilets. You can inspect the wax rings that are located at the bottom part of the toilets (anchor flanges) to see if they are the root cause of the leak. Water can begin to seep out if it has nowhere to go as the when toilets are flushed due to a full septic tank. Speak to a contractor about pumping out your septic tank.

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