Steps For Moving Out Of A Rental

If you are moving out of your rental home, you want to move as efficiently as possible. You will have to pack your belongings and leave the rental in great shape to ensure you get your security deposit back. The tips offered to you in this article will help you to get out of your rental in an efficient manner, so you won't be working harder than necessary to accomplish your goals.

Packing the first room

You should pack your belongings one room at a time, starting with the room that is the least used one and working your way up to the most used from there. Write down everything you put into a box on a paper, then give that part of the list and the box a number. This way, you can find an item right away if you need it.

Storing your items

The first room you pack should become your storage room. Remove all the boxes you have packed from the room temporarily, then completely clean the room. Don't forget to do the windows and the tops of the closet. Once the room is clean, move all the boxes back into the room, stacking them in a tight corner so there is still plenty of room for more boxes.

Packing the rest of the house

Once you have that first room completed, you can move on to the next. As you pack and chart each box, move it into the storage room you created. Continue stacking the boxes so they take up as little room as possible. Once the next room is cleared out, clean it completely and shut the door so everyone knows that it is done.

Packing the busiest rooms

Generally, the living room, kitchen and main bathroom will be the last ones packed, since they will be the ones used the most. Pack them in the same manner as the other rooms, and leave only the basics out. You should buy disposable eatery so you can pack all your dishes, but still have things to eat off of. Move everything into that storage room and clean around the furniture.

Clear out everything you don't want

Set up a pick up time with a donation center and move anything you are donating outside to get it out of the way. If it's raining, move it to the garage. Rent a dumpster so you can throw away everything you don't want without worrying about people picking through the trash and spreading it all over the yard, jeopardizing some of your deposit.

Moving out

When you move out, move your appliances and furniture first, then move the storage room you created. Finish cleaning up any areas you couldn't get at before and do a final walkthrough so you don't leave anything behind.