Four Tree-Trimming Tips to Take Seriously

The trees on your property are going to need to be trimmed every once in a while. This is important to ensuring that the trees stay healthy and appealing. If you aren't trimming the trees on your property, they can become susceptible to rot and disease, which make trees weak. Eventually, this type of tree can fall, causing potential damage to your property. On top of this, untrimmed trees invite pests and make your yard unappealing overall. Here are four tree-trimming tips to help you get started on trimming the trees on your property.

  1. Trim What Matters: You shouldn't just start cutting branches that you believe need to be cut off. Instead, there should be a purpose for every branch that is cut. The branch should be overgrown or potentially rotting. It can be difficult to find signs of rotting, but you should look for signs of hollow parts. Mushrooms and fungus are also a sign that the branch or the whole tree is decaying, as well. If you believe the problem may be the entire tree, it's best to hire professionals to inspect and remove the tree if it is rotting.
  2. Use Tools That Have Been Well Taken Care of: When trimming the tree on your property, you need to use tools that are properly taken care of. Tools that are rusted and have other functional problems, such as getting stuck when trying to use them, will not only make it challenging to trim the tree, but also dangerous. Since you likely have to use a ladder to trim the tree, you need tools that are going to cut evenly and swiftly every time. This way, you don't have to worry about overexerting yourself while standing in a dangerous position.
  3. Dress Properly: When trimming the trees on your property, you need to be properly dressed for the job. You should be wearing work gloves, a long-sleeve shirt, a hard hat, and closed-toe shoes. Since you have to wear so much for protection, it's definitely recommended that you trim the trees on your property during the cooler parts of the day so that you do not become overheated. 
  4. Hire Professionals When Necessary: If you do not have the right gear to trim the trees on your property yourself or aren't quite sure how to approach the job, it's always best to hire a professional such as J&T Tree Co. for tree trimming. They will get the job done quickly and safely. This will be worth it in the end, since you will have healthy trees that won't be the cause for many potential problems in the future. 

When you take these four tree-trimming tips seriously, you can ensure that you will get the most out of trimming the trees on your property.