2 Harmful Myths On Bed Bud Removal

Bed bugs can reproduce and spread very quickly, which is why they are often difficult to detect and control. If you have noticed bed bug skins in your clothes/ beddings or are experiencing itching while in bed, you probably have a bed bug infestation and should consider calling in a pest management service to come in and help out.

Part of solving a bed bug problem in your home is dispelling the myths surrounding their removal, so you can better locate and exterminate them. Here is a look at common bed bug myths and the truths behind them. 

Bed bugs reside only in beds

These creepy critters are known for tormenting people during bedtime, but this does not mean that they only reside in your bed. Although they are rimarily drawn to beddings, mattresses and box springs, bed bugs also like hiding in cracks on your floors, cupboards and drawers.

They can also hide behind headboards, inside your carpeting and on the seams of cushions and soft furniture or even in pet danger. If you are to effectively neutralize the threat of these pests in your home, you must do more than just steam clean your mattress and dry clean your beddings.

Try steam cleaning your drawers, cupboards and other furnishings around the home and spray insecticide in any creaks on your walls, ceiling and floors. You should also vacuum your carpets regularly using chemical cleaners that can kill bedbugs and try keeping pet danger in the garage or other areas outside the house.

Since they can hide in various locations and are essentially nocturnal, bed bugs can be particularly hard to detect, so you might consider hiring a professional to help you locate them. Pest management services typically use several techniques to detect bed bugs, including visual inspection and use of bed-bug sniffing dogs. 

Pesticides are the most effective treatment for bed bugs

Though they may be helpful, pesticides are less likely to eliminate all bed bugs in your home, as these pests are usually resistant to many treatments. Other effective ways that could supplement the use of pesticides include getting rid of couches, mattresses and other items that harbor bed bugs, steam cleaning hard surfaces that harbor dust, such as floors and ceilings, laundering your clothes in hot water and reducing moisture in your rooms by opening up windows and doors.

You can also call in professionals to use home heat treatment techniques to effectively kill bed bugs in infested rooms. For more information, talk to a professional like Environmental Services Pest Control.